The Struggles Of A Plus Size Bride To Be In A Nutshell

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The Struggles Of A Plus Size Bride To Be In A Nutshell.
You got engaged, and your heart is full of excitement. Your family and friends are calling and texting you back and forth, congratulating you, then BOOM.

It hits you like a truck, and you are back to your senses, hahaha. Wait! I need to go wedding dress shopping… How? Where can I find … Whom do I call to come with me? What…?

You have all these questions coming from left and right. While you are still trying to answer the first question, you are hit by the next question, and many more questions keep coming.

How to hide belly fat in a wedding dress- Ndiritzy

Now you are helpless because you have endless questions without answers. You go to your computer and search for bridal stores, boom they all pop out and you schedule an appointment.

On the day of the appointment, you’re so ready to try on wedding dresses like we see on the T.V. show (Say Yes To The Dress). Your attendant for the day (that’s if you even have one) takes you inside and gives you a room.

She goes to look for wedding dresses you can try on, then crickets.
You are in the room waiting endlessly for hours and no one is coming because there’s nothing in your size… Horror movie part 1!

Wedding dress shopping can be challenging for all brides-to-be, but for plus-size brides-to-be, it’s the fear of the unknown. Because of the stress and fear of not finding the perfect fitting dress.

I know the struggles you go through as a plus-size bride, chubby brides, petite brides, short brides, tall brides, big arms, big bust, broad shoulders, flat-chested, or a fat bride.

Whatever category you fall into, I totally understand what you are going through to find a wedding dress that fits, that’s why I went full-on into custom-designing the perfect dress that fits all your curves perfectly in all the right places.

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Below are some of The Struggles Of A Plus Size Bride To Be In A Nutshell

Plus-size brides have some pressing questions that need answers as soon as possible. Here are the questions below.

What is the most flattering dress style for plus

As a plus-size bridal wear designer, I will strongly advise you to explore your options. Try on different silhouettes, because you might be surprised you fall in love with a dress you never thought it would look great on you.

Every curvy girl is different and carries her weight differently. The most important thing is to try dresses that you normally won’t try on, because plus-size shapes can be tricky.

Most times, mermaid dresses are the go-to silhouette for plus size ladies, because we think it is the most flattering dress style for plus size.

Ndiritzy Bridal Couture Dress - Ndiritzy

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Are plus size wedding dresses more expensive?

Yes. Plus-size wedding dresses can be more expensive, because of the price of materials used to make a wedding dress.

The price of a wedding dress, depends on the amount of fabric and lace used, beadwork done, and time. They are all factored in and all that can add up if you are a plus-size bride, and that’s why it feels like it’s more expensive.

The Struggles Of A Plus Size Bride To Be - Ndiritzy

How can I hide my belly fat in my wedding dress?

This is one of the most common struggles of a plus-size bride to be. It all depends on what the bride wants. Every bride is different, most brides want a built-in corset and some brides don’t.

There are wedding dresses that are equipped to help hide the belly fat and show off those beautiful curves of yours.
Plus size brides-to-be always ask:

Can I wear a corset under my wedding dress?

Yeah, you can wear a corset under your wedding dress, as long as you wore that same corset during the fitting. Most brides don’t know what to take to their fitting appointments and it is a big mistake on their part. If you need help planning better for your wedding dress shopping, this “THE 2020 ULTIMATE WEDDING PLANNING GUIDE.” will help you prepare better.

Should I wear Spanx to try on a wedding dress?

Sure, you should wear Spanx if you want to. Spanx help smoothes out all the dimples and makes the dress look smoother. Always wear any undergarment you plan to wear on your wedding day, during your dress fitting.

Plus size wedding dress-Ndiritzy

How can I hide my big arms in my wedding dress?

There are two ways I will suggest you hide your arms in your wedding dress.
First, request for nude tulle sleeves, designed with beaded lace applique to your wedding dress. That makes it look classy and also does the job of hiding your arms.

Secondly, you can have tulle straps to give your arms the illusion that they are smaller.

How do you buy a plus size wedding dress?

Buying a plus size wedding dress from stores can be a little challenging, but it can be easier if you call them a few days before your appointment.

You can also custom design your wedding dress to fit your curves perfectly in all the right places.

Use code (FABULOUS) to receive a 30% discount on your custom design wedding dress by Ndiritzy Bridal Couture.

Struggles of plus size brides - Ndiritzy


Wedding dress shopping can be stressful, but with these tips and explanations, you are sure to shop for a wedding dress like a pro.

No matter what your struggles are, give it a try, check out bridal stores, and reach out to custom designers like Ndiritzy to custom design the wedding dress that fit’s all your curves perfectly in all the right places.

Use code (FABULOUS) to receive a 30% discount on your custom design wedding dress by Ndiritzy Bridal Couture.

If you love this blog post, I would love you to like it or share it with your soon to be brides friends.

Putting into practice all you’ve learned from this blog post. Knowing what to expect, what looks good on other plus size brides, and the things you need to know to help make this experience a little easy and enjoyable.

Tell them what you want, your budget and your size, just for them to be ready before you arrive, so you can have the best shopping experience.

If you are planning for your wedding dress shopping soon, can you let me know what you think about this post? Share your wedding dress struggles below.


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    • Exactly! Everyone should be able to find something that fit’s regardless of size, height, and shapes. We are like snowflakes, all different in our own beautiful way. Thanks for reading my blog post.

    • It’s not easy for plus size beauties to find anything that fits and not just the wedding dress. But in order to solve this problem, we have to start from somewhere. That’s why Ndiritzy completely moved into designing the perfect fit for plus size brides to be because Ndiritzy believes that every bride deserves to be happy on their wedding day.

    • Yes there may be solutions, but it’s way too slow and most designers don’t want to be a part of the solutions. The struggle is real! Thanks for reading.

  • Great tips and I couldn’t agree more, no matter what your size shopping for a wedding dress is a huge challenge. I love your tips for looking your best as a plus size bride to be though. Every woman is beautiful!

  • What a great topic to talk about! I never actually considered that it would be harder for plus-sized brides to find a dress!

    • Yes, it is. That is why I restructured my business to custom design wedding dresses just for plus size brides to be.

    • Exactly! No one should be excluded from fashion. We all have the right to look and feel good regardless of our size, height, or shape.

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