Self-Quarantine Time Can Be Useful! Make Money Online

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Self-Quarantine Time Can Be Useful! Make Money Online

In the midst of all the craziness and panic, you might be thinking that the world is ending, not really. But it might feel like that, when you are in quarantine, unable to work, and no one is sure when all this will be over.

There’s no doubt that many people are currently paralyzed with fear. People are scared of all the news from the mainstream media, social media, the stock market rollercoaster, and everything. The evidence of fear is in everyone’s eyes.

The fear of every parent is, how to pay bills and provide for the family. It’s time to think of how to make some money while in quarantine because the situation might get worse.

I will strongly advise you to logically think about the list below, and ask yourself this important question. What is our world going to look like after all the fears are gone and everything is normal again?

No better time to start an online business, if not now. And it’s likely to thrive now and even when all of these struggles, difficulties, and fears are all over.

Here are 15 online business ideas you can start today to help take care of some bills and needs of the family. Self-Quarantine Time Can Be Useful! Make Money Online

15 Online Business You Can Start Today!

Be a Proofreader.

Even while in quarantine, online businesses are still functioning and they need help writing copies. Bloggers are in need of people to proofread their contents and so on. Take advantage of all these, and be a proofreader.

Ghost Writer.

Just like bloggers need proofreaders to proofread their content, they also need people to write the blog posts. You can start a blog service business, and you will definitely make some money writing blog posts for businesses.

Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you don’t have to leave your house. You can create graphics for companies, like business cards, social media content, Pinterest Pins, and the list goes on and on.

Video editing

You can edit videos at night when the kids are asleep, and make a good amount of money from that.

Start A Recipe club

Recipe club is another great business idea that will do really well in today’s world, where everyone is home, it will be great to learn a new recipe to try out. People will pay you to be a part of that club

15 Online Business You Can Start Today!


Work as a translator. You can work online through Zoom, facetime, Hangout and other settings like that. Interpreters usually work at schools, hospitals, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and conference centers, but You can earn up to $44,230 a year


You can start a podcast because it’s easy to consume by people. They can listen to your podcast while doing house chores or even driving. Right now everyone is listening to information here and there, trying to keep themself informed about what’s happening around us.

Blog or Vlog

Many people have found success from starting a blog, writing about their daily lives and business journeys. You can do the same. Start a blog or vlog about the process of starting a blog, or about how you are keeping the kids busy while quarantined. A lot of moms will benefit from that.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant helping businesses with their administrative jobs. You can design marketing content, social media, writing, etc. for a few hours a month, and earning a crapload of money online doing that.

E-Commerce store

People are still shopping and with all the laws the government is doing, trying to keep money in the American people’s pockets. Create products at your convenience and publish, promote and sell.

15 Online Business You Can Start Today! - Ndiritzy

Online tutoring

Schools are closed and parents are in need of teachers for their kids. Help with all the homework given to the kids by their teachers before the shutdown. So you can be helpful to these parents, and also make money helping out.

Build apps

If you have an idea of building apps, start building apps and sell them online. And if you need a refreshment course, search youtube, read books, and take online classes. Just start and make money online.

Social media manager

Make lots of money online managing social media accounts for business, or busy people, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Take over their account and do all the posting and management, and get paid monthly or even weekly.

Content creator

Create posts, beautiful pictures, and write post captions for businesses or busy people. Also, do hashtag research and engage with their audience and make money online.

Landing page builder

Design landing pages that convert visitors into leads for businesses. If you want to learn how to design a landing page, watch this 37 minutes step by step video on how to design a landing page that converts. Learn what makes a great landing page.

In conclusion.

Whatever online business you want to start, start it now. Because even though people are freaking out right now, I think there’s no better time to make money online.

My advice to you is, do your research and start now and look beyond the fear. Spend your quarantine time wisely and watch how-to videos. So you have all you need to start a business.

When you do decide to start something, don’t forget to tell family and friends about your new business and use social media to your advantage.

I hope these 15 Online Business Ideas help make this situation a little easier. If you need more online business ideas, check this out.

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  • Such a very timely post and informative as well. Everybody should consider this stuff to earn money while at home as we don’t really know when will it stop and make are life normal again.

    • Yes, This is difficult times and it’s hard on families. Online business could really help out a lot. Thank you!

    • It’s easy to be unproductive because we are not used to staying indoors. But all the same, let’s try to be more productive.

  • AAA lot of people have found themselves in financial difficulty during this hard time. Trying to get freelancer gigs it’s a great idea. Unfortunately, most of the platforms out there have stopped approving new accounts.

    • Yes it’s unfortunate, but I will still encourage people to keep applying, or start something for yourself, you never know.

  • Some great jobs here you can do at home. If I didn’t have a full-time job right now (that I have to go to despite the virus going around), I would take some of these jobs!

    • That’s great because instead of sleeping and eating, we can do more by working on our online businesses, or learn new skills.

    • Yes, it has not been easy on everyone, but we might as well take advantage of this situation by learning new skills.

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